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Call for Writers

Research Matters (, India's unique research news portal that gives you your daily dose of science news from across the country, is calling for passionate science writers to join our team.

As a science communication initiative of Gubbi Labs,  Research Matters aims to build a critical 'bridge' between the science that happens in our institutes and labs and the society that eventually benefits from it.  For now, our focus is on disseminating science-based research work to established media houses in the country, and to the public at large.

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are passionate about science communication and wants to be a part of the ‘bridge’ we are building. If you can write compelling stories on research and science in English and other Indian languages, read on and fill the form below.

Your work will entail taking on technical, scientific material and communicating it to a popular audience. It can include:

1. Reading published scientific papers and writing about them in a layperson’s language.
2. Interacting with scientists and communicating about their research in simple language.
3. Writing short scientific blurbs on any science based topic.
4. Interviewing scientists, researchers and academicians and writing interview-based stories and profiles based on your interaction.
5. You can get creative and pitch your ideas. We positively welcome innovative ideas on science communication.

We are also looking for writers in the following regional languages: தமிழ் (Tamil), తెలుగు (Telugu), മലയാളം (Malayalam), বাংলা (Bangla), हिंदी (Hindi) and other Indian languages.

How does it work?
After an initial trial period where the applicant is expected to write a minimum of 3 stories, deliver them on time and to our satisfaction, we will consider taking him/her on board as a writer. We pay writers for their communication efforts, which would be commensurate with his/her qualifications and experience.


  • Basic understanding of at least one branch of science
  • Ability to read and understand academic papers
  • Ability to work to a deadline and
  • Good command over English or any other regional language.

People interested in writing about science in their vernacular language are welcome to apply. If mediums of communication like infographics, posters, multimedia (audio and video) interests you, and writing is not your forte, you are welcome too.

Here is what we offer you:
1. You are entitled to remuneration for the number of articles you may write/translate, which will be discussed once you are onboard as a writer.
2. You will have an exposure to a wealth of knowledge across different branches of science.
3. You could be offered an opportunity to join the editorial team if we find your work satisfactory in the long run.

The next steps:
Fill this up here:

Applications open till 31st of May, 2018. 

We reserve the right to accept/decline applications, and we'll be happy to share the reasons as appropriate.