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Call for Writers


Research Matters is calling for writers in the field of Sciences, Engineering and Technology - Full Time and Part Time

Are you passionate about science? Or thinking of an exciting career in science beyond the norm? How about a tête-à-tête with award winning scientists and other accomplished achievers in the field of science and engineering? If you fancy any of these, the opportunity is right here!

Research Matters, India's unique research news portal that gives you your daily dose of science news from across the country, is calling for passionate science writers to join our team. If you are looking to write on Sciences, Engineering and Technology, then look no further! Please fill in this form along with a brief CV of yours, and tell us why you wish to join us. Remuneration will be commensurate with relevant experience as per industry standards. You might just start loving to write before you even know!

Your work will entail taking on technical scientific material and communicating it to a popular audience. This can include:

1.   Reading published scientific papers and writing about them in the layman's language

2.   Visiting research labs/institutions/organizations, interacting with scientists and communicating about their research in simple language

3.   Writing short scientific blurbs on any science based topic

4.   Interviewing scientists, researchers and academicians and writing interview-based stories and profiles based on your interaction

5.   You can get creative and pitch your own ideas. We definitely welcome innovative ideas on science communication

Full-time positions will be based in Bengaluru and/or New Delhi. Writers based out of Bengaluru / New Delhi / Kanpur / Roorkee / Dehradun / Pune are particularly encouraged to apply. If you are excellent - your location doesn’t matter, we do have writers working from remote locations. Do reach out to for any clarifications.

We reserve the right to accept / decline applications, but we'll be happy to share the reasons as appropriate.