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Indian science is experiencing a boom right now, with the establishment of new institutes and funding like never before. However, science forms only 6-8% of news in Indian media, with articles reproduced from international news agencies, or not articulated very well.

For the layperson, accessible science can make all the difference between a good decision and a bad one. At another level, well-presented science has a “wow” factor, which appeals to the innate curiosity in human nature. Most science is funded by public money, and we feel that the research community has an obligation to tell the public how their money is being used. We cannot expect scientists to have the time and energy to do this, so we propose to step in – we will endeavour to make science as appealing to the layman as his daily dose of cricket.

In recognition and as a response to this, Gubbi Labs is facilitating this endeavour with a Research Media Services. We will act as a conduit between science institutions and the media, and vice versa through facilitating Science Media Centers (Centres) for research based organizations. This website will have detailed, accurate and accessible information on the latest science from India, with periodic updates.