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Media Coverage

Appearances in the media about IISc's research/events:

  1. IISc can make your WiFi 1,000 times faster: Bangalore Mirror | The Better Indian
  2. Bengaluru researchers mimic nature to produce richer colour: The Hindu
  3. ದಾಖಲೆಗಳ ಸ್ವಯಂಚಾಲಿತ ಶೋಧನೆ ಸಾಧ್ಯವೇ?: Prajavani
  4. Volvo collaborates with IISc for enhanced research in Indian automotive industry: Times of India
  5. Haldi way to stay healthy: Bangalore Mirror
  6. ‘ಕೀವು ತುಂಬಿದ ಬಾವು' ನಿವಾರಣೆಗೆ ಮಿತವ್ಯಯ ಚಿಕಿತ್ಸೆ: Prajavani
  7. A burden of our evolution?: Deccan Herald
  8. Yeasts that are on a protein diet: Deccan Herald
  9. Team sniffs out a way to locate mercury in any condition: Bangalore Mirror 
  10. Antibiotics that ‘bomb’microbes developed: Bangalore Mirror | Ahmedabad Mirror
  11. A glacier melt alert: Bangalore Mirror | Prajavani | 
  12. ಬೆಳಕಿನ ವೇಗದಲ್ಲಿ ‘ನ್ಯೂಟ್ರಾನೊ’ ಪ್ರಯಾಣ: Prajavani 
  13. New predictors for  monsoon through machine learning: Deccan Herald | 
  14. IISc team designs ‘salt’ to combat bacterial infections: Bangalore Mirror Times of India | The Hindu | Headline News
  15. Launch of "Smt. Sudha Murthy Distinguished Chair" at IISc: Deccan Herald | Economic Times | Prajavani
  16. Shining light can disinfect water: Scientists show the way: New Indian Express
  17. A new handheld device to detect melamine in milk: The Hindu
  18. Lantana cannot be weeded out completely: New Indian Express
  19. Two from city get  Young Scientist award: Deccan Herald
  20. To pursue excellence with solidarity & dynamism: Deccan Herald
  21. IISc develops  model to predict  headcount in crowds: Deccan Herald
  22. Forest fires can be predicted: New Indian Express
  23. Cambridge University VC for closer ties with India: Deccan Herald | The Hindu | Prajavani | Times of India
  24. Fighting tumours, few side effects: Bangalore Mirror
  25. Scientists use bacteria to power a tiny engine: The Hindu
  26. IISc testing new tech to dissipate heat of spacecraft: Deccan Herald
  27. City scientists build heat engines from bacteria: Deccan Herald | Prajavani
  28. IISc, BEL sign pact for technology transfer: Bangalore Mirror
  29. Now, a cooling system for shuttles entering the Martian atmosphere: Bangalore Mirror
  30. Plants talk to other species- Study: The New Indian Express
  31. IISc’s Biomaterials & Tissue Eng Lab gets Rs. 50 lakh DST fund for developing bio-degradable polymer: Pharmabiz
  32. How discussion on plane led to an invention - a waterproof polymer: Times of India
  33. IISc team moots alternative to antibiotic resistant infections: Bangalore Mirror
  34. Indian Scientists Develop Polymer for Bone Implants: Orthopedics This Week
  35. Filter coffee nanoparticles to turn ammonia sensors: Bangalore Mirror
  36. The effects of freshwater on the Bay of Bengal: Deccan Herald
  37. Neurological disorders: City team finds 5 new gene mutations: Bangalore Mirror
  38. IISc scientists work to improve  human-robot interaction: Deccan Herald
  39. Enabling the human-robot communication: Deccan Herald
  40. IISc scientists develop novel cancer therapy: Deccan Herald | The Hindu
  41. New concept devised by IISc may reduce aeroplane making cost: Deccan Herald
  42. Avian malaria hitting bird numbers? IISc probes: The New Indian Express
  43. Detecting atmospheric CO2 with a sensitive sensor: Deccan Herald
  44. IISc offers an anti-bacterial substitute for bone grafting: Bangalore Mirror
  45. Western Ghats can contribute up to 30 p.c. of rainfall in Bengaluru: Study: The Hindu
  46. Youths dream of owning car as soon as possible: Study: Times of India
  47. Down the synthetic route: Deccan Herald
  48. Researchers at Indian Institute of Science developing plastic-like material for bone grafts: Deccan Herald
  49. Asian Science camp brings together young minds, experts : Times of India
  50. IISc scientists decode Bengaluru's raindrops : Times of India
  51. Detecting atmospheric CO2 with a sensitive sensor: Deccan Herald
  52. IISc won’t let moisture kill pill: Bangalore Mirror
  53. Turning science into technology: Deccan Herald
  54. India-made device to offer instant results for 8 biomedical parameters: Bangalore Mirror
  55. India-made device to offer instant results for 8 biomedical parameters: Bangalore Mirror | Times of India | The Hindu
  56. IISc team working on how to train computers 'see' objects: The Economic Times
  57. Tricking a wasp into suicide to ensure pollination: The Hindu
  58. IISc develops a powerful microscope out of a simple smart phone: Times of India
  59. Fresh Landfill leachate is more damaging than old: Times of India | Deccan Herald | Green Media | Bangalore Mirror
  60. Crucial tool developed for study, research in aerospace engineering: Deccan Herald
  61. Keeping your Data Safe – and Available!: New Indian Express
  62. Scientists study seismic response of Bengaluru’s Landfills: Bangalore Mirror
  63. Extreme rainfall strongly tied to local temperature than to global conditions: Deccan Herald | Live Mint | Times of India | New Indian Express
  64. Using electric stimuli to grow heart and brain cells: Live Mint
  65. Back to the basics garlic combo effective against malaria: Deccan Herald | The Hindu | Bangalore Mirror
  66. Ecologists discover a new plant species in the Western Ghats: Deccan Herald
  67. New Rainfall Detection Model to help Monsoon Forecasts: Deccan Herald
  68. A Trojan horse to combat Salmonella infection: Bangalore Mirror
  69. Bengaluru waste management: Getting the most out of landfills: Bangalore Mirror
  70. Shock wave treatment to get rid of infections: Bangalore Mirror | The Hindu | New Indian Express
  71. Scientists elucidate the working ways of a natural detoxifier: Bangalore Mirror
  72. Endosulfan induces male infertility in mice: The Hindu | The States Man | Business Standard | Zee News | Hans India | News Gram | Odisha Sun Times | Health site | Big News Network | Sakshi Post | Daji World | Daily Pioneer | New Kerala
  73. Global warming signals still unidentifiable in extreme rainfall over India: Live Mint | Thomson Reuters Foundation News | SciDevNet
  74. Limestone growth in Himalayan caves- potential earthquake recorders: Economic Times | The First Mail
  75. Predicting stock market crashes using ecology: Deccan Herald | Nature Asia
  76. An antibacterial water purification membrane resistant to slime: Deccan Herald
  77. A novel vaccine against Hepatitis C Virus customized for the Indian population: Livemint
  78. Genomes of Asian and African elephants compared: The Hindu | Deccan Herald | Indian Express
  79. Etching semiconductors at the nano-scale: Economic Times | Times Of India | Nav Bharati Times
  80. Solar energy transport to the kitchen for cooking purposes: Deccan Herald | Times Of India
  81. A 3D lab model to mimic how cancer cells grow within the body: Economic Times
  82. Creating Drinking water with Solar Power: The Hindu | Deccan Herald | Desalination | Infeed | UCC India | InShorts | Hunt News
  83. Novel nano drug delivery system to target hepatitis C: Bangalore Mirror | Fierce Drug Delivery
  84. eBird data portal: Deccan Herald | New Indian Express | The Hindu | Bangalore Mirror
  85. Robots learning to walk: The Hindu
  86. ರಸ್ತೆಗಳ ಬದಿಯಲ್ಲಿ ಕಾರು ಚಾರ್ಜರ್‌!: Prajavani
  87. Fourth Asian-Australian Rotorcraft Forum: Deccan Herald | Economic Times | New Indian Express
  88. Regenerating bones through nanoparticles: The Hindu
  89. ‘Fuzzy logic’ to optimise water use: The HIndu
  90. Using graphene for regenerating bone tissue: The Hindu | NDTV | DNA India | India Today | Zee News | You Tube | Transbiotex | Nri Worldwide | NVS24
  91. Urbanisation taking away Bangalore's green areas and water bodies: Bangalore Mirror | The Hindu | NDTV | Times of India | Deccan Herald | India Today | Economic Times | Creative Sulekha | India Everyday | Current Affairs | 
  92. Engineers at IISc model energy-efficient bipedal walking: The Hindu
  93. Electrical engineers developing tools for better speech therapy: Deccan Herald | Bangalore Mirror
  94. IISc Researcher’s New Transistor Design – Breakthrough in Chip Technology: Bangalore Mirror
  95. A novel idea for extremely small power electronic systems: Deccan Herald
  96. This Ultralight Foam Might Save Your Life: Deccan Herald
  97. Purifying our rivers with a bit of rare earth: The Hindu
  98. Mayank International award: The Hindu | The New Indian Express
  99. Highly sensitive sensor to detect a harmful gas in the atmosphere: Bangalore Mirror
  100. Granting citizenship to the striped grass skink: Times of India
  101. Study reveals toxic effects of a common medicinal plant: Bangalore Mirror
  102. A mobile robot that does not slip: Bangalore Mirror
  103. Indian researchers settle a century old controversy in physics: The Hindu
  104. IISc student team wins laurels in American Helicopter Society competition: The Better Indian | The New Indian Express | Times of India | NYOOZ
  105. Heralding a new age of better weather forecasts: Bangalore Mirror
  106. Hornbill hunting destroys forests too: The Times of India | The New Indian Express
  107. Do elephants move around seeds: Economic Times | India Today
  108. A novel non-invasive method to detect brain disorders: Bangalore Mirror
  109. A quicker method for identifying viruses that cause diarrhoea: Bangalore Mirror
  110. Discarded tyres to battle earthquakes: The Hindu
  111. The Indian National Academy of Engineering honours IISc faculty: Deccan Herald
  112. New non-invasive method for treating bacterial infections: Times of India
  113. Developing solutions to mobility problems: Live Mint
  114. Energy consumption scheduler to reduce electricity bills: The Hindu | Deccan Herald
  115. Why combining drugs works against Hepatitis C: The Hindu | Bangalore Mirror
  116. Indian National Academy of Engineering awards: Deccan Herald
  117. Non-invasive method to treat bacterial infections: Times of India | Bangalore Mirror
  118. Load management for saving electricity: Deccan Herald
  119. Alumni awards: The HIndu | The New Indian Express 1 | The New Indian Express 2
  120. The mycobacterial stress response: The Hindu
  121. Technology for the early detection of diabetes: Bangalore Mirror | The Better India | Live Mint | Pune Mirror 
  122. Socio-economic inequalities Bangalore: The New Indian Express
  123. Aircrafts as small as flies: Mumbai Mirror | Times of India | Nyoooz
  124. A blood test to detect brain tumours: Bangalore Mirror | LiveMint | Deccan Herald
  125. Conservation prioritisation: The New Indian Express
  126. On biomaterials: Deccan Herald
  127. Improved Solar Trackers For Better Solar Energy Harvesting: Bangalore Mirror
  128. A breakthrough in treatment of hypothyroidism: Bangalore Mirror
  129. Curcumin-based Cancer Therapy: The New Indian Express 
  130. A profile of Ajay Sood, FRS: The New Indian Express | Times of India | Deccan Herald 
  131. Prog Gadagkar awarded Germany's highest civilian award: Jagaran Josh | Deccan Herald | Times of India | Times of India | The Hindu | The New Indian Express | Deccan Herald
  132. New tool to detect whispers may help cancer patients: Deccan Herald 
  133. New treatment regimen for Hep C: Bangalore Mirror
  134. Google Pitchfest: ​Waste water filtration: Deccan Herald | Bangalore Mirror | Business Standard | NDTV | Jagaran Post | First Post | Zee news | India | Biotechin | India | Delhi Daily News | Gizbot | Focus News | Big News Network | Web India 123 | New Kerala | Daijiworld | Can-India 
  135. Cadence Award for IISc student: a chip to detect obstacles: The Times of India | The New Indian Express | Nyoooz
  136. Climate change and the Kashmir Himalaya:The Indian Express
  137. A better turbine to generate electricity in hilly areas:Bangalore Mirror
  138. Inside the obscure world of glass: Deccan Herald
  139. An Internet-of-Things for IISc campus: Bangalore Mirror
  140. A chip that detects obstacles from a distance: The Times of India
  141. A better turbine to generate electricity from streams in hilly areas: The Times of India | Bangalore Mirror
  142. Teaching machines to learn by reading the web: The New Indian Express
  143. Preventing blindness: An automated glaucoma detection tool: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  144. Soil moisture sensor: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  145. How non-workers travel in Bengaluru : The Times of India | Bangalore Mirror
  146. Yoga practitioners at less risk of inflammatory diseases: PTI | Business Standard | The Indian Express | The New Indian Express | Deccan Herald | NDTV | Tribune | The Economic Times | The First Mail | Below News
  147. Mobile based technology for neonatal healthcare: The New Indian Express | Deccan Herald
  148. Indian cities traffic situation: The Hindu | Bangalore Mirror
  149. Intensity of slow pulse of rainfall decreases: PTI | Business Standard | Deccan Herald | The Economic Times | The New Indian Express 1 | The Hindu - Business Line | | The New Indian Express​ 2 | SciDevNet
  150. IISc Plan to Speed up Signals: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  151. A new book on Atomic Physics: The New Indian Express
  152. The sandman peptide: A sleep-inducing compound from snail venom: Bangalore Mirror | The Times of India | Live Mint | Mumbai Mirror
  153. IISc Alumni Global Conference: The New Indian Express 1The New Indian Express 2The New Indian Express 3 | Deccan Herald 1 | Deccan Herald 2 | Deccan Herald 3 | Deccan Herald 4 | Deccan Herald 5 | Times of India 1Times of India 2Times of India 3Times of India 4Times of India 5Times of India 6 | Times of India 7 | The Times of India 8 | The Hindu 1 | The Hindu 2 | The Hindu 3 | The Hindu 4 | Bangalore Mirror
  154. Kris Gopalakrishnan sets up 3 Chairs at IISc: Deccan Herald | Economic Times | New Indian Express | Times of India
  155. Transit-oriented growth won't work for Bengaluru: The Economic Times
  156. IISc’s ‘Big Brother’ tech that spares no traffic offender: Bangalore Mirror
  157. Finding a way to boost your battery life: The Indian Express
  158. Pedestrians/cyclists can ​save costs: The New Indian Express
  159. ​IISc study suggests ways to optimize for ​BMTC: Bangalore Mirror | The New Indian Express
  160. Explained: The Nepal earthquake and why more can be expected in the future: Live Mint
  161. ​IISc makes much for mushroom using crop waste: Bangalore Mirror
  162. Shield for electromagnetic radiations: Bangalore Mirror
  163. Sensor based system detect forest intruders: Bangalore Mirror | The Times Of India
  164. Adithya Murthy: The Brain Traveller: The Huffington Post  | The Open Magazine
  165. 3D-prints reveal how strong seashell are: Nature India | Science Daily
  166. Robot navigation: The Hindu
  167. Protecting telephone exchanges from lightning: Bangalore Mirror
  168. IISc alumni show Airbus some good vibrations: Bangalore Mirror | The New Indian Express | E-Vartha | Times of India | Gizmodo
  169. Ganga-Brahmaputra basin mapped: PTI | The Hindu | The Hindu - Business Line | The Economic Times | Niti Central | Zee News | MSN | News Nation | EENADU India
  170. The emergence of nanoscience in India: Deccan Herald
  171. A new circuit that helps battery last longer: The Times of India
  172. North Bengaluru more prone to flooding: The Hindu | Bangalore Mirror | New Indian Express | The Times of India
  173. Mating among Elephants: The Telegraph | The New Indian Express
  174. Two rare species range extesion: The Hindu
  175. IISc hounours 8 faculty members: The New Indian Express
  176. Prof. Ajay Sood is a Fellow of the Royal Society: The New Indian Express | The Economic Times | The Hindu
  177. Novel anti-TB compounds that kill it from the inside : Pune Mirror
  178. Scientists build system to avoid leakages in water distribution system: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  179. Coastal aquifers face greater saltwater intrusion due to sea level rise: Bangalore Mirror
  180. Bats hunt quiet bushcricket females much more than singing males: Prajavani
  181. It is a battery if it moves: Bangalore Mirror
  182. The effect of above-cloud aerosols on warming over Bay of Bengal: New Indian Express
  183. A wearable device that gets your pulse wins Gandhian Young Innovation Award: Bangalore Mirror
  184. Gandhian Innovation Awards: The Hindu | Deccan HeraldThe Times of India
  185. Greenhouse Gas footprint of major Indian cities: The Times of India | The Hindu | The Telegraph
  186. Climate change affects Ganga significantly, finds IISc study: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  187. Effects of a blast on underground metro: The Hindu | The Times of India
  188. Coats plus syndrome, a rare genetic disorder identified in Bangalore: Live Mint | Deccan Herald
  189. How insects “talk” without a voice box: The New Indian Express | Prajavani
  190. Precipitation over India sees 18% fall due to deforestation: Live Mint | The Hindu 1 | The Hindu 2 | The Telegraph | Hindustan Times | | | Financial Express | IB Times | |
  191. Elephants ahead: technology to alert drivers on herd movement: The Hindu
  192. Silver nanoparticles adorn graphene to utilise light efficiently: Nanowerk
  193. IISc researchers develop superior water filter: The Hindu | The New Indian Express
  194. IISc develops new wideband radio amplifier: Bangalore Mirror
  195. Light sensitive anti cancer drugs: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  196. Earthquakes imminent in the Himalayas: The Times of India | The Telegraph | Hindustan Times | Science (subscription required)
  197. A simpler way to diagnose muscular weakness: The New Indian Express
  198. Using micro-shocks to release drugs inside the body: The Hindu | Pharmabiz
  199. Improved version of Anti-cancer drug: The New Indian Express
  200. Polymer implants: The New Indian Express
  201. Himalayan Pikas: The Times of India
  202. Super Alloys for Aero Engines: Prajavani
  203. How your brain helps you see: Bangalore Mirror | Live Mint | The Times of India | Prajavani
  204. Helping the visually impaired read Tamil: The Hindu
  205. Vehicle to deliver genes: Bangalore Mirror
  206. Antidepressants used against TB: The Hindu | Hindustan Times
  207. Improved version of an anti-cancer drug: Bangalore Mirror
  208. Municipal Solid Waste Management: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  209. Climate Change Skews Drought Pattern: The New Indian Express | Prajavani
  210. 3 Teams of IISc Scientists Alter Protein Inhibitor: The New Indian Express
  211. Pomegranate juice and lifespan in flies: The Times of India | Deccan Herald
  212. Turmeric Nanoparticles to Help Treat Malaria: The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror
  213. In Search of Cost-Effective Alternative Fuel: The Hindu | The New Indian Express | Bangalore Mirror | The Times of India | Prajavani
  214. 3 IISc Scientists win INSA Award: The Times of India | The New Indian Express
  215. 9 new species of frogs from the Western Ghats: BBC | The Hindu | Deccan Herald | Live Mint | The Times of India | Zee News | JagranJosh | Asian Age
  216. Suburban railways could resolve transport woes for Bengaluru: The Times of India - 1 | The Times of India - 2 | Bangalore Mirror | Rail News | IndiaEveryday
  217. A biosensor to peer into the insides of a HIV infected cell: PTIThe Times of India | The Economic TimesNDTV | Financial Express | Zee News | State Times | Business Standard
  218. Smart breath sensor for assessing nasal blockage: The New Indian Express
  219. A new material to protect next generation electronic devices: Bangalore Mirror
  220. Nanowires to combat cell damage and ageing in humans: PTI | The Hindu | Deccan Herald | The Times of India | The Economic Times | The New Indian Express | NDTV | JagranPost
  221. Single dose 'nano-medicine' for osteoporosis: PTI | Zee News | Business Standard | The Hindu - Business Line | Hindustan TimesBangalore Mirror | State Times | IndiaTV News
  222. Karnataka has mangrove patches, a study finds: The Hindu | The New Indian Express
  223. Solar flares can play havoc with our wired world, say IISc scientist: The Times of India | Prajavani
  224. IISc researchers discover key to better batteries: Bangaore Mirror
  225. Rare frog that breeds inside hollow stem of bamboo: PTI | Zee News | Business Standard | Asian Age | JagranPost | Voice of Sikkim | Bangalore Mirror | Sahara Samay | ABP News | Prabha Sakshi
  226. Bangalore wakes up to polluted air: The Hindu
  227. Summer holds more dangers than monsoon for Bengaluru: The Times of India
  228. Insects have more efficient social networks: PTI | DD News The Economic Times | Business Standard The Times of India | Zee News | Bangalore Mirror | Samachar Jagat | Webdunia | Prabhat Khabar | Hari Bhoomi
  229. Malaria diagnosis to the doorstep: The Hindu | LiveMint | The New Indian Express | Times of India | Hindustan TimesDeccan Herald | Prajavani | Bangalore Mirror | The Health Site
  230. Shock absorber (Graphene) to protect electronic devices: PTIDeccan Herald | Business Standard | The New Indian Express | Asian Age | News Nation | Udaya Vani (English) | Silicon IndiaDeccan Chronicle
  231. Cracked! New insights into how glass breaks: PTI | Business Standard | The Financial Express | Zee News | Vijaya Vani
  232. Vultures may be rescued by their genetic diversity: The Hindu | New Scientist
  233. ‘Rugby ball’ peep into glass: The Telegraph | Prajavani
  234. Kolkata also a victim of urban sprawl: PTI | Business Standard | The Financial Express | Zee News | The Times of India
  235. Prof. PP Mujumdar wins International Award for work on Urban Floods: The New Indian Express
  236. Research Team at IISc Develops Innovative Waterproof Surface: The New Indian Express
  237. Oxidative Stress-fighting Protein Found: The New Indian Express
  238. Stopping the spread of Breast cancer: Deccan Herald | Hindustan Times | AsiaOne | Prajavani
  239. Mountain topography affects Monsoon in Western ghats: PTI | The Economic Times | Business Standard | Zee News | IBNLive | IBN Money | News18 | Bangalore Mirror | The Hindu
  240. System to deliver drugs to individual cells developed: PTI | The Hindu - Business Line | The Economic Times | DNA India | Zee News Financial Express | Microfinance Monitor | The Health Site
  241. Tsunami hit Indian coast 1000 years ago: PTI | The Hindu | NDTV | IBNLive | ZeeNews | The Pioneer | MSN
  242. Reducing aircraft noise & improving air conditioning: PTI | The Economic Times | Business Standard | Financial Express | The Hindu | Bangalore Mirror 
  243. Nanotech can help tackle terrorism: Researchers: PTI | The Economic Times | DNA | New Indian Express | OneIndia | Udaya Vani
  244. Hanuman Langur identity crisis solved: The Hindu | Business Standard | Zee News | Deccan Herald | Udaya Vani
  245. Novel membrane filter to kill bacteria: The Hindu 
  246. Sapota as anti-tumour: The Hindu | Hindustan Times | Prabhat Khabar
  247. Molecules that detect explosives: The Hindu
  248. Water management software: The Hindu | New Indian Express
  249. Microneedle: The HinduNew Indian Express
  250. Wasps using Ovipositor: Times of India | Prajavani | New Indian Express
  251. ಅಂಜೂರ-ಹಣ್ಣೊಳಗೆ-ಕೀಟಗಳ-ಕೋಲಾಹಲ: Prajavani
  252. New Frog, does "Pottery": National Geographic | Prajavani | Times of India 
  253. National Geographic: New frog mates doing handstands, does "pottery" - See more at:
  254. National Geographic: New frog mates doing handstands, does "pottery" - See more at: