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For Media Houses & Journalists

We recognise that journalists and media houses often face challenges in gathering the correct information and on time, as it happens. We are here to facilitate this being the bridge between the researchers and the media. 

1) Science/Research based stories
A science/research based story is a one or two page document detailing a new event, discovery or an academic paper. We will endeavour to provide stories on the latest research from IISc and other leading institutions in the country. They will be made available as soon as possible on the website. Media houses and journalists can use these and attribute appropriately. 
Details of subscription will be made available shortly. Do keep a watch on our site regularly.

2) Embargoed releases
When scientists give us advance access to a publication, we will share the embargoed story with select journalists/media houses clearly indicating the time for the embargo to lift. We request media houses/journalists to respect the embargo timelines. Anybody failing to do so will be struck off from our lists and will not be given access to such material, or any content from Gubbi Labs' Research Media Services henceforth. 

3) News stories
Journalists who want stories in specific areas will be put in touch with appropriate research groups at IISc. We can facilitate laboratory visits and photographs. We will also feature research from some labs in our weekly releases and journalists are free to build on those stories.

4) SciQs 
SciQs are short snippets of science based facts and information. They will be about 250-300 words. They can be accessed by registered subscribers.

5) Infographics
We provide infographics based on the research / publication / event as appropriate. They can be accessed by registered subscribers. 

6) Terms of Use:

Please go through our terms of use before using them. 

7) Attribution

Journalists and media houses using the content from here and those received from our digests/emails, have to attribute the content to "Research Matters".