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Sandhya Sekar

Chief Editor and Co-founder

Sandhya Sekar is the Chief Editor and co-founder of Gubbi Labs' Research Media Services initiative. She has a PhD in ecology from the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, and an MA in Journalism (Science and Environmental) from the University of Lincoln in the UK. She has been a freelance science journalist for some years now, writing for a variety of Indian and international publications, including New Scientist, The Scientist, Down to Earth, SciDev.Net and Nature India. She has recently started writing two regular columns. Under the Global Forest Reporting Network hosted by the popular environment and conservation website, she writes data journalism articles. She also writes a column called “All Creatures Great and Small” for children in The Hindu for School.

Spoorthy Raman

Managing Editor

Spoorthy Raman holds a Master's degree in Information Technology from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. After working with Cisco systems for four years as a Software Engineer, she found that her passion lies in science journalism and started writing for Science Media Center at IISc. She joined the editorial team in 2016 and is enjoying her stint here. She is excited about all things new, be it technology or a skill. She loves to call herself a learner for life and is currently trying to learn the art of photography, running and bird-watching. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, she aspires to be as vibrant as the Atlantic here.

Dennis C. Joy

Resident Editor

A fervent promoter of science and passionate about conserving biodiversity. Experienced in the IT sector, got bored. quit and then went on to complete my master's in physics just out of curiosity. Went on to teach at a college, manage a jungle resort and write about science. Worked on promoting conservation in schools and educational institutions in Panchabhuta Conservation Foundation, Kumta. Now, a resident editor at Gubbi Labs' Reseach Media Services. It appears I'm living the life I've dreamt of- doing everything I love.  

Vidisha M. K.

Program Manager

Vidisha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Zoology and Microbiology from Mount Carmel College, Bengaluru. Earlier, she had a stint with EcoEdu and Center for Environment Education working on environmental education with school children. At Gubbi Labs she works as a Program Manager managing activities across different verticals of Gubbi Labs. At large, she manages the courses, communications, outreach and also engages with research on avian and amphibian ecology. With a strong desire to work on ecology and wildlife conservation she has been a part of the core team of USLP (Urban Slender Loris Project). She is the recipient of the exceptional poster and Shivarama Karanth Conservation Award during the Student Conference on Conservation Science Bengaluru 2015. She has also been an avid birdwatcher, a dancer and an artist.

Siddharth Kankaria

Content Editor

Siddharth Kankaria is the Content Editor at Research Media Services. He combines his training in science and his passion for writing, to try and communicate scientific concepts and ideas using novel forms of media. Having graduated from the Indian Institute of Science's newly initiated 4-year Bachelor of Science (Research) program in Biology, he was also part of the Sixth Annual Science Journalism Workshop at the National Centre of Biological Sciences. He has also been a KVPY Fellow, and is particularly interested in exploring the overlaps between the natural and social sciences. Apart from having more than a year of active research experience, he is also an avid theatre enthusiast, an amateur photographer, and an astute food critic in his spare time.