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Arati Halbe

Research Media Services

Everyone enjoys a good and interesting story. Stories that readers can identify with, are good medium to get a thought directly to the reader. When it comes to conveying information regarding various subjects to the general audience, simple narrative story like writing is the way to go. I always believe that the wonder and awe of science is almost killed by complex jargon and extreme technicality. People are not aware of a lot of awe inspiring work done in the field of science and engineering (oh...and maybe even politics and law!) just because no one explains in layman terms whatever is happening.

Since I happen to have formal education in Engineering, and can wade my way through certain jargon, I feel it is my duty, whenever possible, to explain scientific and engineering stuff to laypeople in ways which they can understand. To be able to understand the work that certain scientists and engineers do, gets them closer to people rather than the “He does some incomprehensible work somewhere”.

Indeed it gives me great pleasure to act as a bridge between scientific community and laypeople.


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