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For Researchers

We are here to facilitate easy flow of information between you and the public, in two ways. One is by using the media as a channel, and the other is by using the Internet.

1) Using the media as a channel
a) Press releases
Regular press releases from institutes encourage media outlets to cover science news better. One problem mainstream journalists face while covering science news is lack of accessible information. A press release bridge this gap and provide a layman's summary (and the paper itself) to interested journalists, which they can use as a starting point to develop into an article.

We will ensure that the press release is vetted by the concerned researchers before sending out to media houses. We will also try our best to ensure photographs, videos and other supplementary material are properly copyrighted.

b) Embargoed releases
We plan to have a separate category of "embargoed" releases. When a paper gets accepted for publication, we encourage faculty members and researchers to approach us with the final draft. We can write up a release and offer it to news agencies with the embargo clearly mentioned. No good journalist will break the embargo and we plan to curate our contact list such that only our most trusted contacts get access to embargoed content. The advantage is that as soon as your paper gets published in the journal, it will appear in Indian newspapers on the same day, carrying additional weightage.

2) Using the Internet

a) Website content
We can assist you in writing content appropriate for a layman audience in your website. When a member of the general public open your website, they should immediately get a sense of what research is going on in your lab, why it is interesting and how it may affect them. 

b) Social media
We can setup social media profiles for your lab / department and train interested students from your lab to handle them.

We do offer other services that researchers may find it useful. Please contact us for more details.