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Killing Cancer with a Light Saber!

A team at IISc, Bangalore has successfully developed a novel technique to target and destroy cancer cells through multiple actions.

As a group of diseases, cancer affects over 7 lakh people every year in India alone and kills majority of those that are affected. Cancer occurs when normal cells go rogue – tweaking certain functions that makes it easier for the cancerous cells to multiply and invade normal tissues, thereby affecting the organs’ functions. The current treatment for cancer involves radiation, chemotherapy and occasionally surgery, all aimed at killing the cancerous cells. However, these therapies can, at times, be inaccurate, killing a large number of healthy cells too.

Novel anti-TB compounds that kill it from the inside

Dr. Amit Singh’s laboratory from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, and Dr. Harinath Chakrapani’s group from IISER, Pune, have found a new way to kill the tuberculosis bacteria, by using novel compounds which disturb the internal environment of the bacterial cell.

An insight into IISc’s past: making the impossible possible

Prof. Vijayan has been examining the structure of molecules that are found in living systems all his life. After playing a role in deciphering the structure of insulin at Nobel Laureate Dorothy Hodgkin’s lab at Oxford, Prof. Vijayan was “the first trained protein crystallographer to return to India, to the IISc”.

Indo-German Conference on Bio-inspired Chemistry

The Indo-German Conference on Bio-inspired Chemistry 2014 (IGCBIC-2014) is being held during September 10-12, 2014. 

Conference theme: 

This conference will focus on all aspects of chemistry related to bio-inspired systems, including bioinorganic, bioorganic, biophysical and materials chemistry.