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Civil Engineering

Coastal aquifers face greater saltwater intrusion due to sea level rise

Coastal regions are very fragile systems. They are continually exposed to various environmental factors that have a direct bearing on their functioning. Intrusion of sea water into coastal aquifers is one such aspect that needs to be addressed. A paper recently published by researchers from the Indian Institute of Science addresses the factors that aggravate the problem of saltwater intrusion, i.e. the movement of sea water into freshwater aquifers. The research was carried out to establish the extent of saltwater intrusion under different conditions.

Seismic Intensity map of South India for estimated future earthquakes

It is commonly believed that Southern India is aseismic, i.e. not prone to earthquakes (Seismic - earthquake.) It is true that major earthquakes--the kind that cause widespread damages --are rare in this region. But moderate earthquakes, which can be felt by people, and cause damage to poorly constructed buildings and slight or no damage to well designed structures, can be expected in this area.

Effects of a blast on underground metro

A team of four researchers from IISc Bangalore, and Sastra University, Thanjavur have studied the effects of a blast on the twin-tunnel system of the Underground Metro in Bangalore. The paper examines blast effects on metro tunnels, and evacuation in the event of a blast.

How much energy is consumed while producing building materials?

Of the building materials used in India, aluminium and burnt clay bricks are among the most energy intensive, finds a recent study. The study has developed a framework for assessing the energy consumed during production of building materials, in an attempt to quantifying energy expenditures from buildings.

Software for managing Bengaluru's water supplies

A state of the art water management system, which can change how the water supply in the city is managed, is now ready for Bengaluru. Researchers at IISc, in collaboration with IBM and Bengaluru Water Supply and Sewage Board (BWSSB), presented the software at the 12th International Conference on Computing and Control for the Water Industry in Italy. The proceedings have been published in the international journal Procedia Engineering.