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Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics

Bringing Science to the society - IISc develops innovative technologies for quality assessment of Silk and Milk

Science realises its complete potential when it is applied for the betterment of our lives. As a testimony to this, a group of researchers from the Indian Institute of Science have developed innovative technologies that benefit milk producers and silk growers. Their innovations, which recently won the prestigious Gandhian Young Technological Innovation award, uses nanotechnology to detect melamine, an adulterant, in milk and image processing techniques to detect the quality of silk.

Towards a Clearer Picture in Biomedical Imaging: An Improved Algorithm for Photo Acoustic Tomography

In a collaborative study between the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, and the University of Twente, The Netherlands, researchers have designed a new algorithm for image recovery in Photoacoustic Tomography (PAT). PAT is an important non-invasive biomedical imaging technique where the optical contrast rendered by laser beams and the superior resolution of ultrasound waves are used to study biological tissues. The new algorithm works better with higher accuracy as compared to the conventional ones in use today.

New sensor to simultaneously measure cardiac and respiratory activities

A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Science have developed a novel sensor that can simultaneously measure both cardiac and respiratory activities. The new device is non invasive, and can be wrapped around a person's chest. It can help in early clinical diagnosis of many conditions associated with lung and cardiac health. The device is robust, portable, shock proof, non-electric, and remains unaffected by electric and magnetic fields – qualities that are highly desirable in medical applications.

A versatile 'Strain Sensor' for multiple applications

Ever wondered how engineers ensure that the wings of an airplane take the stress of adverse winds at a height of 35,000 feet? While driving on a flyover, or traveling in a train, were you ever curious about how the structure could bear a load of about1000 tonnes? A simple “strain sensor” attached to the airplane wing, under a bridge and on the rail is what keeps it all safe!

A Wearable Device That Gets Your Pulse Pressure

A wearable pulse pressure recording device, developed by Sharath Umesh, a PhD student at IISc, has won him the 'Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award' for the year 2015, awarded at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi on 8th March 2015. His invention is selected under two categories: Dr. Amulya K N Reddy Award, and SRISTI Socially Relevant Technological Innovation. Sharath is pursuing his PhD under the guidance of Prof S Asokan at the Department of Instrumentation and Applied Physics, Indian Institute of Science.