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The Drug-Drug Salt: A New Way to Treat Bacterial Infections

Prof. Gautam R. Desiraju, Dr. S. P. Gopi and Dr. S. Ganguly, at the Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit, IISc have designed a new multicomponent solid which is a combination of the antibacterial norfloxacin and the antimicrobial sulfathiazole in the form of a salt.

A drug that kills cancer cells when shone by light

Researchers at IISc have designed a trio of compounds that can be triggered by light to become toxic to cancer cells. These compounds target the cells’ mitochondria ─ their “energy factories”─ setting off a chain reaction that turns on cell death pathways and kills the cancer cells.

A two-drug cocktail for breast cancer

A “two drug cocktail” that can curb the growth of breast cancers has been developed at IISc. The drugs have been developed to target two cancer causing proteins, which have been found to make breast cancers more aggressive. The two drugs have been tested in mice, and two labs at IISc are working on developing versions that can be used in human trials.