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Electrical Engineering

Removing pollutants from biodiesel exhaust

A recent study from IISc has devised a system that can remove up to ninety percent of nitrogen oxides from raw biodiesel exhaust, under laboratory conditions. Nitrogen oxides are pollutants with deleterious effects on the environment and human health.
Biodiesel is a fuel derived from either vegetable oil or animal fat, with a similar chemical make-up to petro-diesel. “Biodiesel may be a better alternative at least for those diesel-generator based power utilities, as they can afford to grow plants in large sectors and the biodiesel yield from it can make these power utilities a self-sustained one i.e. not dependent on petro-diesel anymore,” says Prof Rajanikanth BS from High Voltage lab of Department of Electrical Engineering at IISc, who has been studying the fuel and recently published a paper on the same.

MILE Lab at IISc: Developing technologies to enable the specially abled

A braille embosser, which prints out text in braille pattern, costs a few lakhs as compared to a regular printer, which costs around a few thousand rupees. Can anything be done so that printed text can be easily digitized and made available in forms usable by people with visual disability? Or, can text be made available in audio format to the visually impaired? Indeed yes! Medical Intelligence and Language Engineering (MILE) Laboratory at IISc seeks to provide solutions to challenges faced by the specially abled.

VoW! A technology to warp voice

A team of researchers from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) have come up with a new technology that can ensure fine synchronisation between lip movement and video for voice dubbing applications in movies. Called ‘Voice Warping,’ (in short, VoW) the technology can do many other things as well: from helping you learn a new language or Carnatic music lessons, to making radio/television advertisements cheaper. It is developed by Prof. Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula who heads the Spectrum Lab at the Department of Electrical Engineering, IISc, Bangalore.