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Allowing current to flow for a long time without hindrance

In a superconductor, current can flow for infinitely long time without any hindrance. Normally, superconductivity is destroyed by a magnetic field but researchers at IISc, Bangalore in collaboration with NPL, Delhi and IIT, Kharagpur have shown that magnetic fields can generate a superconducting state.

Nano-antennae: Let there be more light

Researchers at the Indian Institute of Science have recently shown that combining two of the building blocks in nanotechnology, quantum dots and nanorods, leads to enhanced light emission properties. This may find applications in novel display screens, photodetectors and solar energy applications.

An insight into IISc’s past: making the impossible possible

Prof. Vijayan has been examining the structure of molecules that are found in living systems all his life. After playing a role in deciphering the structure of insulin at Nobel Laureate Dorothy Hodgkin’s lab at Oxford, Prof. Vijayan was “the first trained protein crystallographer to return to India, to the IISc”.