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Cavity Optomechanics : Union of Engineering and Quantum Physics

Often in physics, new discoveries are made by improving the sensitivities of measurements, such as the recent example of the gravitational wave detector. One way to improve the sensitivities for the measurement and transduction of physical forces is cavity optomechanics. Cavity-optomechanics is an interdisciplinary area of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, optics and quantum physics.It emerged as an independent field of its own only very recently, and utilizes the interaction between mechanical motion and light. Recently featured as the ‘milestone of photon history’ in nature photonics, cavity optomechanics is also one of the chosen fields of interest for Dr. Vibhor Singh, Assistant Professor at the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Dr. Vibhor has worked extensively in nanomechanical systems during his graduate as well as post doctoral career and has recently joined IISc. He is currently setting up an experimental laboratory to explore various nanomechanical and optomechanical systems.

Photons take a detour

Researchers have proposed an experiment to show that, sometimes, photons may choose longer paths over the shorter ones. Though this result may look too simple, it is expected to influence physics over a large scale: from the way quantum mechanics is introduced to students to better understanding of quantum computing applications.