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Weekly Digest 20th October

During the Diwali week, we have the following releases:

1) Preventing bacterial growth on implants
A major problem with implanted devices is that bacteria grow on them, resulting in infections.

Weekly Digest 6th October

During this week, we have the following:

1) A system to deliver drugs to individual cells
A system to package and deliver drugs to each cell of your body, depending on its needs, has been developed at IISc. “Nanocapsules” made from a special type of material can now deliver drugs right inside cancer affected cells in the body.  
RSC Advances, September 17, 2014

Weekly Digest 29th September

During this week, we have the following releases.

1) A two-drug cocktail for breast cancer
Drugs have been developed to target two cancer causing proteins and tested on mice. Two labs at IISc are working on developing versions that can be used in human trials.
Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 27th September

Weekly Digest 22nd September

This week we bring some more stories and a scientist's profile. Stories include how a new "nozzle" can reduce aircraft noise; a fast, portable detector for metal pollutants; an "antioxidant-like" protein ti fight free radical damage in the body; understanding Tsunamis and a scientist profile of Prof. M. Vijayan.

Weekly Digest 15th September

During this week we present some exciting work on biomaterials, status of nanotechnology in India, how Lantana is adapting and a novel antibacterial water filtering membrane.

Weekly Digest 8th September

For this week, we have a set of interesting releases, ranging from detecting explosives using chemical compounds, to using extracts of Sapota for its anti-tumour properties, solving identity crisis of Langurs, understanding the protein interactions that make Staphylococcus infectious and Souvik's feat.

Weekly Digest 28th August

During this week, we present a state of the art software to manage water supplies in Bangalore. A research group has discovered 20 new lizard species in the Himalayas. A new experiment that can influence quantum physics is proposed. Prof S Mohan's illustrious career trajectory, resulting in an award from DRDO on 20th August, is discussed in detail.

Weekly Digest 21st August

This week, we have a new invention: an extremely small needle for drug injections. We have also covered antiviral properties of pomegranate peel extract, a better method to treat Hepatitis C, classifying agricultural land into crop types using satellite images and a path breaking new discovery of a new behaviour in crystals.

Weekly Digest 14th August

For this week we have a compact sensor to detect harmful gases, how aerosols affect the Indian monsoon, how to best integrate solar cells integrated into building roofs, where the invasive plant Lantana likes to live and a report on Earth Science initiatives in India.