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Reader's Choice of Top 20 Stories on Research Matters for 2017

2017 has been an eventful year for Indian science. From the discovery of the largest entity in the universe to microscopic particles that could aid medical treatments, we have seen it all. But what did our readers enjoy reading about? Here we present to you the top 20 stories out of the 233 stories published in 2017, that were most enjoyed by Research Matters readers. You can also use the links below to have a second look at your favourite stories. 

We thank all our readers for the support. Join us for more on Science next year! 

1. Science and Technology: A Specially Abled Person’s perspective
2. A cancer therapeutic molecule from India: Indian researchers have discovered possibly the best BCL2 inhibitor yet
3. Satellite images show green cover of Bangalore reducing alarmingly fast
4. How Environmental science education in India is failing its students and what to do about it
5. On the ‘Edge’ of making experiences exciting
6. A made-in-India transistor that can make India’s IoT technology a reality
7. Saraswati- poster boy of Indian astronomy -- A tête-à-tête with Prof. Joydeep Bagchi
8. Captive big cats show stress in different ways
9. Your red wine can help fight cancer, and here is more proof
10. A Photographic Guide to Endemic Woody Plants of the Western Ghats launched
11. Himalayan origins of the mystic river Saraswati
12. Global soil erosion map to help save soil
13. Soil health improves with organic farming in long and short terms, shows study
14. Scientists engineer a low-cost device to detect pests before crop infestation
15. Stars and star cluster heat up their environment even a million years after their birth, say scientists
16. Researchers design supercapacitors that charges with UV light
17. New evidence suggests widespread possibilities of liquid water on Mars
18. New underground dwelling frog species discovered in the Western Ghats, India
19. Wonder material graphene to make way into next gen electronic devices
20. Scientists discover natural remedies to fight prostate cancer

Video credits : Vidisha Kulkarni / Research Matters.