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Bengaluru | Feb 19, 2019
Breathing poison? Air pollution is a leading cause of death in India, reports study

Researchers from about 100 institutions across India, present a comprehensive picture of the deaths, diseases and reduced life expectancy caused by polluted air in different states of India.

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Aug 14, 2017

India today faces several challenges, an air pollution is one of the important one’s to overcome. Four Indian cities often features on world’s top 10 most polluted cities. And lack of data has prevented us from understanding effects of the pollution and take measures to tackle them. A new study now shows that one’s daily routine can be a good indicator for the level of pollution one might face.  It has already shown us that people travelling in cars and CNG buses face a lot less pollution and could help us find a lot more solutions to our pollution woes. 

General, Science, Health, Society
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