The researchers have developed a novel method of using silicon nitride to enhance the efficiency of photonic elements, promising faster, more secure, and energy-efficient technologies for communication and information processing.


23 Jun 2024

A much needed analytical study for a more sustainable waste disposal in the healthcare sector in India

5 Apr 2024

A set of proteins have been identified from tumour and blood samples for the diagnosis and prognosis of meningiomas that could predict meningioma severity.

8 Mar 2024

New study uses mathematical analysis of walking patterns for early detection of Parkinson’s disorder.

8 Nov 2023

A new portable DNA sensor to detect viral and bacterial pathogens in sewers and water bodies

3 Nov 2023

Indian Institute of Science (IISc) announced the establishment of the Param Hansa Centre for Computational Oncology (PHCCO) on 3rd November 2023. Funded by Param Hansa Philanthropies (PHP), a charitable organization with a commitment to scientific research, the Centre was officially inaugurated on 2nd November 2023, marking a significant step towards the integration of cutting-edge computational methodologies with groundbreaking cancer research in India.

11 Mar 2023

As much as we’d like to shush about it, the fact remains that mental health is an imperative component of one’s overall well-being that encompasses a wide range of emotional, psychological, and social factors. One key area of research in mental health sciences is the study of neurobiology, which focuses on the biological and physiological processes that, when gone awry, are responsible for various mental health conditions.

10 Jan 2023


 Picture shown here for representation purpose only. The retina cannot be depicted in a picture as above. 


20 Dec 2022

Processing emotions consumes attention and compromises the quality of the task at hand

8 Dec 2022

Researchers make a new cost-effective, multi-use laparoscopic instrument with inputs from doctors

5 Dec 2022

Study finds that decreasing air pollution can help reduce anaemia in women of reproductive age