Researchers at IIT Bombay discover the role of environmental resources, genes and mating in species in the development of new species in the same area, challenging the traditional view that new species can develop only in distinct geographies.

Baheerathan M (பகீரதன். மு)

Job Title
Writer, Translator


I am an engineer who is currently doing a PhD in Biology. Science has been my ally and friend since childhood which has eventually defined and designed my passion. I was always curious to understand how nature has sculpted the world we live in. I am currently working in an ecology lab at IISER Thiruvananthapuram where I am trying to explore the visual ecology of fruit bats.

Other than this, I am always interested in reading classical tamil literature and it has seeded me the inspirations of becoming a writer. World class poetry like Thirukkural has shown me the importance of explaining complex things in a short and sweet way. It also made me understand the impact of good writing on the society.

With this being said, I am here to try creating a bridge between hard core scientists and the common man. As Charlie Chaplin once said "Let us fight for a world where science and progress will lead to all men's happiness", I feel its my duty to make science  a tool for achieving universal brotherhood. I hope I will do justice to this purpose with my science writing. 

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