The researchers have developed a novel method of using silicon nitride to enhance the efficiency of photonic elements, promising faster, more secure, and energy-efficient technologies for communication and information processing.

Sandhya Sekar

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Chief Editor


Sandhya Sekar is the Chief Editor and co-founder of Gubbi Labs' Research Media Services initiative. She has a PhD in ecology from the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISc, and an MA in Journalism (Science and Environmental) from the University of Lincoln in the UK. She has been a freelance science journalist for some years now, writing for a variety of Indian and international publications, including New Scientist, The Scientist, Down to Earth, SciDev.Net and Nature India. She has recently started writing two regular columns. Under the Global Forest Reporting Network hosted by the popular environment and conservation website, she writes data journalism articles. She also writes a column called “All Creatures Great and Small” for children in The Hindu for School.

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