The researchers have developed a novel method of using silicon nitride to enhance the efficiency of photonic elements, promising faster, more secure, and energy-efficient technologies for communication and information processing.

Spoorthy Raman

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Managing Editor, Gubbi Labs


Spoorthy Raman was the Managing Editor at Research Matters during 2016-2021. In her span of about three years as a science writer, she has written about a wide range of topics, based on research papers, interviews, features and events. She was the recipient of the EurekAlert! Fellowships for International Science Reporters 2019, and was awarded the 'Merit Prize' in the Asian Scientist Writing Prize, 2017. She is trained as a computer science engineer with a Master's degree in Information Technology from the International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore. After her stint as a Software Engineer, she found that her passion lies in science writing and started her journey with Research Matters. She is excited about all things new, be it technology or a skill. She is currently based in Canada with her loving husband and an adorable dog.

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