Researchers have developed ceramic based cold plates that could replace copper cold plates used to cool computers and allow smaller and compact packing of circuit boards

Vignesh Narayan H

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I am a molecular biologist, with a passion for science communication. My main interests in research involve studying bacterial pathogens and the strategies they employ to adapt to their host environment. I am a great fan of synthetic biology, and do a lot of molecular tweaking to understand basic signalling mechanisms of cells.

I believe that all science is logic and common sense and can be communicated in such a way that anyone who reads can understand. Jargon and rhetoric have been invented by people who like to feel important (some jargon is useful though). I love listening to people talking about their own research as much as I love talking about mine (well, almost!).

On my free time, I write fiction and travel. I am partway through writing my own novel and am paranoid about the fine line between being influenced by literature and plagiarizing literature!

Currently, I am at the fag end of my PhD, contribute regularly to Azim Premji University's magazine 'I Wonder' and work for you guys!

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