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FrogFest-2018 invites you to celebrate the little amphibians in art and in nature

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FrogFest is a unique exhibition held at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) office at New Delhi showcasing frogs in art and in nature. It showcases around 500 frog artefacts with a spotlight on the need for conservation of the amphibians.

Throughout human history, the humble frog has appeared in many folklore and fairytales in cultures around the world. They are associated with witches in European folklore, while they are believed to help with a safe journey in Japanese culture. One can even find many modern representations of the frog in stories like The Frog Prince, and shows like Muppet Show featuring Kermit the Frog. The exhibition showcases many of these folklore and fairytales about the frog.   

The artefacts exhibited are from the personal collection of Seema Bhatt, an independent consultant working on issues related to biodiversity and conservation. She has been collecting these artefacts for over 30 years, and boasts of a collection of statues, keyrings, paintings and many other artefacts from over 40 countries. 

Frogs are also one of the most threatened species currently, with many going extinct at an alarming rate. The exhibition also features conservation efforts carried out in the country by different organizations, like Gubbi Labs, India Biodiversity Portal, Earthwatch and others, to protect these small amphibians and their habitat.

Visit this unique showcase to enjoy the tales and artefacts, and learn something about these tiny creatures of the marsh. The exhbition started on January 15  and ends on April 30th. So head on down to the WWF India office, Pirojsha Godrej Building, Lodhi Estate, New Delhi.