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Bengaluru | Dec 7, 2021
IIT Bombay team wins X-prize Student Competition

A proposed method to capture carbon dioxide and convert it to industrially useful chemicals gets IIT Bombay entry to the X-prize carbon removal grand prize competition. 

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Mumbai | Dec 6, 2021
Prof Amartya Mukhopadhyay awarded with the Swarnajayanti Fellowship - 2021 for his contribution to next-generation rechargeable batteries

Prof Amartya Mukhopadhyay receives the prestigious Swarnajayanti Fellowship for 2021

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Bengaluru | Dec 3, 2021
Prof Bedangadas Mohanty wins the Infosys Prize in Physics for 2021

Prof Bedangadas Mohanty of the National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneshwar, has been awarded the Infosys prize in Physics 2021 for investigations of nuclear force. At the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the European Organization for Nuclear Research, he determined the transition temperature of the quark-gluon plasma to hadronic matter, observed heavy antimatter nuclei, observed nuclear spin-orbital angular momentum interactions, and other effects in the quark-gluon plasma.

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Nov 30, 2021

It turns out the well-imprinted taste map — of the tongue divided into four specific zones for sweet, salt, sour, and bitter tastes — is all wrong. In the past few decades, scientists refuted the theory. They revealed that the concept of designated taste zones on the tongue is the outcome of misinterpretation of data leading to misrepresentation.

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Mumbai | Nov 25, 2021
Tough to find a living space in Mumbai? The city’s wildlife also agrees

A study finds that the rapidly expanding land use of Mumbai is driving the region’s remaining wildlife into the remnant forest fringes.

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Mumbai | Nov 17, 2021
A ‘spongy’ liquid to clean up industrial carbon dioxide

A porous liquid composite can convert adsorbed carbon dioxide from industrial effluents to calcium carbonate.

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Mumbai | Nov 16, 2021
Opportunity for sugar mills to increase profitability

Alkali and enzyme usage need improvement to make lactic acid cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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Nov 12, 2021

Venus has a hostile environment
Venus is a terrestrial planet with rocky terrain,  volcanoes, and a dense atmosphere. Carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid-laden clouds dominate the atmosphere. Also, the dense atmosphere gives rise to excruciating surface pressures of 92 bars (as much as that at 1km below sea level on earth), making the planet inhospitable.

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Bengaluru | Nov 3, 2021
Frogs have favourite menu: Stomach contents show they control pests in paddy fields

The detailed analysis of the stomach contents of two frogs provide evidence that frogs do play an important role in protecting crops against insects. 

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Mumbai | Nov 2, 2021
Study finds popping a weekly cancer pill instead of daily is enough to prevent regrowths

Scientists say you can now use Osimertinib -a cancer drug- just once a week instead of daily and still be safe from tumour regrowths.

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