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Mumbai | Apr 21, 2022
Money rewards are less likely to improve mood if you are in pain.

University students who experience physical pain perform worse on tasks and have lower moods than those without pain.

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Bengaluru | Apr 13, 2022
The emerging association between COVID-19 and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Review of evidence shows that rheumatoid arthritis and COVID-19 affect the human body through similar chemical mechanisms.

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Mumbai | Mar 30, 2022
Cilika–Portable digital inverted microscope

Researchers at IIT Bombay designed a portable digital microscope for clinical use and classroom teaching

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Bengaluru | Mar 22, 2022
Proteins on the cell membrane

Researchers solve the packing matrix of proteins that control protein complexes on cell surfaces.

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Mumbai | Mar 9, 2022
Better face shields, better protection: hydrophobic coating helps mitigate COVID-19 exposure

Researchers improve the efficiency of face shields by coating them with a hydrophobic layer.

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Bengaluru | Mar 2, 2022
In Quest for Building Better Healthcare – Dr Chandrasekhar Nair

Infosys Prize 2021 Laureate, Dr Chandrasekhar Nair shares his views about using technology in medicine and healthcare

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Mumbai | Feb 16, 2022
The land is sinking under your feet!

Land subsidence in Delhi NCR region is increasing at alarming rates

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Bengaluru | Feb 14, 2022
Course corrections needed in peer review publication process

Time for reform in medical research and publishing? Indian researchers provide shocking analytical insights.

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Bhopal | Jan 19, 2022
MicroRNA, a double-edged sword: role in viral infections and autoimmune diseases

Study finds the macro role of microRNA in fighting viral infections and its dark side in autoimmune diseases

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Bengaluru | Dec 22, 2021
Scientists unravel a gene function that helps the genesis of neurons

Scientists find a gene hitherto known to clean up free radicals is also involved in  promoting the generation of neurons.

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