Researchers have developed ceramic based cold plates that could replace copper cold plates used to cool computers and allow smaller and compact packing of circuit boards


3 Nov 2017


With the advances in technology our knowledge of subatomic particles and how they behave has improved considerably. But much is yet to be discovered in the subnuclear realm. Scientists from the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Horia Hulubei National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Romania, and Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad have developed a theoretical framework to measure the diameter of a Pion. 

16 Oct 2017


The Earth’s interior is still a mystery to us. While we have sent missions to probe the outer reaches of our Solar system, the deepest boreholes on Earth go down to only a few kilometres. The only way to learn what’s going on deep inside our planet, in the core and the mantle, is by indirect methods.

19 May 2017


Scientists from Raman Research Institute (RRI)and Hans Raj College, University of Delhi were monitoring the orbital period of the star MXB - 1658-298, a binary system, when they made an unexpected discovery - A massive planet, around 20-25 times the mass of Jupiter, orbiting the twin stars. They developed a novel technique of looking at the X-ray eclipses as one star passed in front of the other to deduce the presence of the third body and its mass. The star already an interesting candidate for future studies due to its extreme distance and age, has become even more intriguing after the discovery of the circumbinary planet around it.