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Mumbai | Aug 4, 2022
Microwave radiation to detect tiny plastic pollutants

Researchers at IIT Bombay devise a new technique to identify the presence of tiny invisible plastic pollutants using microwave radiation.

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Mumbai | Jul 4, 2019
Floating plastics: Nothing to be buoyant about

Study details how floating plastic debris can affect physical processes in the oceans 

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Dhanbad | Feb 12, 2019
What’s in your waste? Study from IIT Dhanbad finds out

Researchers from the IIT Dhanbad estimate the generation of different types of plastic wastes by different socio-economic groups in the city of Dhanbad, India.

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Bengaluru | Jun 5, 2018
Photo : Vignesh Kamath / Research Matters

The theme of World Environment Day 2018 is ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. Take a look at the various efforts made by individuals and organisation to curb this pollution?

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