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A 3D virtual laboratory to diagnose and fix electromagnetic anomalies

August 23,2017
Compliance-Scope, a Virtual EMI/EMC laboratory
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Photo : www.simyog.com

SimYog, an Indian start up and a spin off from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), presented one of their latest innovations – Compliance-Scope, in this year’s edition of IEEE EMC Conference. The demonstration won them the Coolest Product Demo prize awarded by Signal Integrity Journal, a sister publication to Microwave Journal, covering issues related to signal propagation. Compliance -Scope is a 3D, virtual platform that allows users to explore and improve circuit board and other hardware, in the virtual space. 

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical profession organization set up with an objective to advance research and develop technologies in the areas like electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunication and computer engineering. The IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) society is dedicated to reducing electromagnetic interference and unintentional propagation and generation of electromagnetic power. The IEEE EMC conferences, which take place in locations around the globe, brings together industries, researchers and policy makers and provides them a platform to present the latest technical advancements in electrical and electronic engineering. 

SimYog, a Private start-up was founded by Dr. Dipanjan Gope, an Assistant Professor at the Electrical Communication Engineering Department at IISc. Extending his work on areas like computational electromagnetics and RF sensing for IoT applications, Dr. Gope set up SimYog as a development hub for Design and Sign-off tools in automotive electronics. The company provides Electromagnetic diagnosis and analysis technology, which can identify design parts causing undesired electromagnetic effects. The company also provides machine learning based re-simulation, allowing the users to improve simulations based on data gathered from previous simulations. Their latest offering Compliance-Scope provides the above-mentioned benefits with an immersive virtual user interface.

Compliance-Scope is a virtual EMI EMC laboratory, that allows users to create a full 3D electromagnetic simulation of the hardware, with the ability to be embedded in the circuit board and soar over the electrical components and fields in the circuit to validate their function and detect errors and leaks. The device not only allows users to diagnose and find solutions, but allows us to do so while immersed in the virtual 3D space. This new immersive experience to fix technical problems, undoubtedly put them as the top choice for the Coolest demo prize at the conference.

Update 25/08/2017: The sentence ‘winning the coolest prize demo at the event’ was changed to ‘The demonstration won them the Coolest prize demo awarded by the Signal integrity Journal.