Researchers have developed ceramic based cold plates that could replace copper cold plates used to cool computers and allow smaller and compact packing of circuit boards


18 Nov 2020

Study has found that the lockdown widened the challenges of stroke care in the country.

New Delhi
4 Aug 2020

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells found to favour the survival of tuberculosis bacteria, instead of fighting it, shows a recent study.


30 Oct 2019

Study explores the factors behind missing women in India’s healthcare.

New Delhi
17 Apr 2019

A new study recommends repeating blood pressure measurements to diagnose hypertension accurately.

22 Feb 2019

A mother and the child need proper nutrition during and after pregnancy. India has 71 million undernourished women of childbearing age and we need to pay immediate attention to this problem.

27 Nov 2018

Researchers from CMC Vellore, AIIMS, TN Medical College & BYLN Hospital, and THSTI, throw some light on the recent trend of the diseases typhoid and paratyphoid fever.