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Power vs. Electricity

Read time: 2 mins 14 April, 2018 - 08:00

It’s the 20-20 cricket world cup finals. Indian vs. Pakistan! India need 4 runs to win! Yuvraj Singh swings his bat and it’s a…! Blank! Oh no! A power cut!

But wait! Isn’t it the electricity that has been cut? Why then the term “power” cut? Is electricity and power the same? Then why do we get electric shocks and not power shocks?

The terms power and electricity can be confusing because many a time we use power in place of electricity. Electricity or electric current is caused due to the flow of electric charges from one point to other. It is measured in Amperes.

Power is defined as energy consumed per unit time, energy meaning the capability to do work. It is measured in Watts. However, we define power as the energy produced by various means. This is where the difference between power and electricity becomes distorted.  Electricity is also a power as it is produced by electrical means. In that sense it can be called “electric power”.

There is only so far we can go while using the word “power” for “electricity”. “Electricity” today has become indispensable for mankind and it is up to us to make economical use of its “power” for a bright, well-lit future.