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Mumbai | Dec 23, 2020
A new approach to understanding malnutrition in India

Researchers use a new technique to evaluate under-nutrition, micronutrient deficiencies and obesity in children.

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Bengaluru | Dec 18, 2020
Using viruses to kill Tuberculosis bacteria

Researchers use a cocktail of bacteriophages to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis.

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Bengaluru | Dec 7, 2020
Nobels in Natural Sciences 2020 | By Annant Bir Kaur

The Nobel Prizes award ceremony begins tonight as the winners receive their medals in their home countries. Get a glimpse of the contributions of the Natural Sciences awardees. 

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Chennai | Dec 4, 2020
Five markers identified for diagnosing ovarian cancer

Researchers have identified a set of proteins that can distinguish between ovarian cancer and benign tumors. 

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Mumbai | Nov 20, 2020
Halting the growth of harmful bacteria through specially-designed sugars

Researchers have used modified sugars to hamper the development of cell wall in disease-causing bacteria

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Ahmedabad | Nov 18, 2020
Study finds challenges posed by COVID-19 for stroke care in India

Study has found that the lockdown widened the challenges of stroke care in the country.

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Bengaluru | Nov 12, 2020
A new technique to study Indian strain of malarial parasite could help in better drug discovery

Scientists have successfully grown Indian isolates of P. vivax in different types of human liver cells.

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Bengaluru | Oct 30, 2020
Does India have the resources to control the impending mental health crisis?

In a series of articles, Research Matters tries to shed some insights into India’s mental health concern, its different aspects, including the lack of awareness about mental health in general — through the lens of science.

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