Contributions of IIT Bombay researcher to the field that won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics


13 Jul 2020

A recent study suggests that tailoring the Ujjwala scheme for rural households can increase LPG adoption. 

10 Jul 2020

Here are some directions that the school curriculum could take in the coming year

8 Jul 2020

A recent study has shown that imparting digital literacy can help people identify online fake news. The study, involving researchers from the United States of America, the United Kingdom and India, conducted surveys in the United States and India, where online fake news has become rampant in past years.


New Delhi
30 Jun 2020

Study finds, online streaming platforms flouting tobacco imagery rules.

23 Jun 2020

COVID-19, the pandemic that has shaken the world, will perhaps change our lives forever. Often, we now talk of a ‘pre-COVID’ world, where business was as usual, and a ‘post-COVID’ world which is the new normal. While the disease, caused by a tiny virus, has affected millions, it has also brought to fore some often-ignored challenges and opportunities to build a better tomorrow. Science has been in the forefront, driving these monumental changes across the world—from understanding the virus and designing a vaccine, to throwing insights on how we could prepare for and prevent the next pandemic.


27 Feb 2020

Researchers investigate what factors drive migration in South Asia and its benefits in adapting to climate change.

27 Mar 2020

What is the importance of Social Distancing in these times of global crisis?

29 Apr 2020

Study finds proposed road construction in the continent could impact tiger populations in 13 countries.

28 Apr 2020

Research Matters is happy to bring you this article as part of the series on Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis by the Mathematical Modeling team of Indian Scientists' Response to Covid-19 (ISRC). The second part of this series is on SIR and SEIR Models of Infectious Diseases. 

1 Apr 2019

Study finds younger women in India do not have better jobs than their mothers.