3 Nov 2023

The new study suggests that a paradigm shift towards scaled decentralised systems is necessary to achieve sustainability and resilience in urban water infrastructure.

2 May 2017


Why does a fish, so commonly sold in the supermarkets, demand a day of observance in its honour? Perhaps, the answer lies in the question! On World Tuna Day, observed on 2nd of May every year, we present some insights into the factors leading to the near extinction of one of the most sought after fish in the world -- Tuna. While some species of Tuna are already critically endangered, some are fast approaching this status, threatening to wipe out the entire family of tunas from the face of the Earth. How can you help save them? Read to know more...

19 Apr 2017


Today is World Bicycle Day, a day celebrated to commemorate the joy of cycling. In a country like Netherlands, almost every person owns a cycle, and 99.1% are cyclists! But a city like Bengaluru -- almost thrice as big  and with 12 times more population -- loses hands down to Amsterdam, in citizens choosing to cycle. Why is that so? And what can be done to make people here fall in love with their bikes? The Research Matters team caught up with Prof. Ashish Verma, an Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.