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Pravega 2018 kicks-off tomorrow at IISc

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18 Jan 2018
Photo : IISc UG community

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) proudly presents Pravega-- an annual science and cultural festival organized by the institute’s undergraduate community. The event will be held from 19 to 21 January, 2018.

This year, Pravega promises to have a little something for everyone, with a wide variety of events in diverse fields being conducted throughout the three days. For the science aficionados, there are more technical events than ever, with plenty of events like Decoherence and Hackathon being held on a national level.

The flagship event, Pravega Innovation Summit (PIS), is an unprecedented venture to bring about widespread collaboration between researchers and investors. This year will see many workshops in diverse fields, ranging from cyber security to automobile engines. The title sponsor Airbus, will also conduct a workshop for underprivileged children, to help them realize their dreams in the future.

To keep everyone entertained, the fest will feature many fun events and games, both technical and non-technical, which will be free to participate and play in. Pravega is also famous for being graced with renowned celebrities who entertain the audience, and this year promises to be the same with the well-known band Thaikkudam Bridge headlining the Pronites.

The general registrations for Pravega, as well as the Pronite registrations are free, and all are encouraged to visit the campus and satisfy their wanderlust. Details of registration can be found on

Don’t want to participate in any events? Not a problem! Even non-participants will have plenty to catch their attention, with the cultural events and the beautiful campus to occupy their attention. Visit IISc and be a part of Pravega to experience an exquisite blend of scientific innovation and cultural delights.