New study uses ideas from string theory and quantum field theory to simplify calculations of transcendental numbers, like pi and Euler’s Zeta function.

Manohar G M

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Manohar has a master's degree in Biotechnology from Bangalore University. Currently he teaches post graduate students in Government Science College, Bangalore. He trains students preparing for National Entrance Test (NET) conducted by CSIR and himself holds 5th rank in June 2012 NET exam. He is an avid reader of journals in the field of Cell biology , Genetics, Molecular Biology and Evolution.  He also teaches science to school students from primary to high school in an informal set up, primarily based on enquiry and hands on activities.He has an informal affiliation with NCBS for outreach programs conducted by the institute. His hobbies are bird watching, trekking, amateur astronomy and sports coaching to school kids.

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