Two new studies from the Indian Institute of Bombay (IIT Bombay), Mumbai, show the importance of defects in the arrangement of atoms in a crystal, called dislocations, in shaping the physical properties of metallic alloys.

Rujuta Vaidya

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Hi! I am Rujuta, a research trainee in Sandhya Koushika Lab, TIFR, Mumbai, working on tiny worms called C. elegans. When I’m not troubleshooting PCRs, (which is often, mind you) I’m scribbling away a pitch or ruthlessly editing previously written science articles! I enjoy writing about science - I write about new breakthroughs, scientific journeys or scientific concepts simplified for the masses in both English and Marathi. For me, research is a story that needs to be understood, enjoyed and communicated to the readers. Prior to working in neuroscience, I was a biology teacher for 9th and 10th grade children. I have a Masters degree in Genetic Engineering and Bachelor’s in Biotechnology. During my Masters, I worked on Sinorhizobia and their ability to thrive in heavy metal stress. 

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