Researchers at IIT Bombay discover the role of environmental resources, genes and mating in species in the development of new species in the same area, challenging the traditional view that new species can develop only in distinct geographies.


11 Dec 2023

Oxidation-resistant, nickel-based superalloy promises cleaner coal-based power generation

21 Nov 2023

Contributions of IIT Bombay researcher to the field that won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physics

20 Nov 2023

The first-of-a-kind study has used remote sensing data to quantify long-term soil losses across the entire Western Ghats region.

8 Nov 2023

A new portable DNA sensor to detect viral and bacterial pathogens in sewers and water bodies

6 Nov 2023

The material converts over 87% of light falling on it into usable heat energy.

4 Nov 2023

A new algorithm removes effects of unintended motion from videos shot with small robots or drones

3 Nov 2023

The new study suggests that a paradigm shift towards scaled decentralised systems is necessary to achieve sustainability and resilience in urban water infrastructure.

1 Nov 2023

The SSB Prize 2022 to Prof. Debabrata Maiti of IIT Bombay is in recognition of his work on valorisation.

7 Sep 2023

The reaction simplifies the production of pharmaceutically important molecules called lactones and other complex compounds.

17 Aug 2023

A consortium of astronomers from across the world, including from India, have detected the signature for the background hum of the universe. Called the gravitational wave background (GWB), these are ripples in the fabric of spacetime pervading all of the space around us. The Global collaboration of radio astronomers called the International Pulsar Timing Array (IPTA) made the announcement of the detection on June 29, 2023.