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Oct 21

What do sword billed humming birds, fig wasps and acacia ants have in common? It’s the phenomenon of co-evolution, where these organisms are dependent on other organisms for survival and they reciprocally affect the other’s evolution.

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Oct 7

Black holes are the celestial objects with such immense gravity that nothing can escape from them -- not even light!

Einstein's theory of General Relativity tells us that space and time are intertwined. This space-time can be curved and warped by anything that has mass, like the sun or earth. Gravity is not a force that attracts objects like magnetism, but is the result of this curve in space-time.

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Sep 2

Earthen pots or matkas have been used to store and cool water since time immemorial. But how do they keep water cool?

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Aug 26

Picture this- you’re being grilled at an extremely important interview. You’re a bag of nerves but you’re holding it together and actually doing pretty well when suddenly you feel that dreaded feeling inside you. It’s something you cannot suppress but you try and exercise damage control by ensuring you keep your mouth closed. As a result, your nostrils flare, your lips appear distorted, and your watery eyes are a dead giveaway. Your yawn gets the better of you.

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Aug 18

Not every cat and mouse game ends with Jerry the mouse winning. And while it is true that a mouse will do everything it can to avoid being eaten by a cat, there exists a microscopic foe that is capable of making mice go against their instincts.

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