A set of proteins have been identified from tumour and blood samples for the diagnosis and prognosis of meningiomas that could predict meningioma severity.


23 Feb 2021

Study finds an increase in the rate of soil erosion post the extreme floods in August 2018.

8 Mar 2021

Researchers discuss the challenges in studying human-wildlife coexistence and the way forward. 

30 Aug 2021

Researchers develop a new AI-powered algorithm that significantly improves the energy efficiency of a wirelessly powered communication network.

Canberra, Australia
1 Oct 2021

A study identifies that social networking plays a vital role in enhancing healthcare access for older widows in Kottayam, Kerala.

18 Aug 2021

Researchers from IIT Bombay have developed a simple and novel sensor to find out the level of antibiotics present in food and water

6 Sep 2021

Researchers assess abandoned fallow lands in Manipur and recommend planting endemic tree species to boost forest recovery. 

10 Aug 2021

Palatable supplementary foods designed with variety in mind could be the cure for urban malnutrition

4 Jan 2021

Researchers study the impact of increasing natural gas consumption on the economy and environment of India.

9 Aug 2021

Study proposes a systematic change to India’s wastewater treatment infrastructure to improve the quality of water and minimise environmental impact. 

23 Jul 2021

Researchers have shown how even a few times of selective tree-cutting impacts biodiversity and carbon storage of the Andaman forests