Researchers at IIT Bombay discover the role of environmental resources, genes and mating in species in the development of new species in the same area, challenging the traditional view that new species can develop only in distinct geographies.


19 Apr 2021

Researchers have compared the visual abilities of butterflies and moths.

30 Jul 2021

Researchers have demonstrated an improved method of capturing images through fog.

18 May 2018

Researchers from Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, and Northumbria University, UK are studying relay-assisted visible light communications to improve the indoor coverage of mobile network connectivity. Their new technique turns mobile phones into relays, forwarding data from the transmitter to the end user.

9 Apr 2018

Researchers from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai have observed a new phenomenon in a semiconductor quantum dot-- particles of nanometre (a billionth of a meter) size which are also called artificial atoms) made of Cu2ZnSnS4  (CZTS). By shining Ultra Violet (UV) light, on the quantum dots immersed in an electrolyte, they noticed an increase in its capacitance. The effect could be engineered to serve as photocapacitors- capacitors that are charged using light.