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Nov 11

The word “drug” is a taboo in the society. People shun the so-called drug users and abusers. However, little do they know that they themselves are consuming a drug on a daily basis! Befuddled?

“Mom, can I have a cup of coffee?”

YES! Coffee! Or more specifically, caffeine.

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Nov 4

Among the hustle bustle of people in India, survives the country’s fascinating biodiversity. Finding their way through all these lives is an incredible diversity of bats. Let us understand how we can coexist with these beautiful, yet misunderstood creatures of the night. 

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Oct 28

Gold is arguably the most enigmatic element on Earth. Its value as a form of currency, an industrial metal, and its cultural significance have made it the most sought-after metal all over the world. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that gold is the stuff of legend. A tad dramatic perhaps? But then the story of gold is dramatic! Its presence on Earth tells of stellar cataclysms and extraterrestrial travel.

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Oct 21

What do sword billed humming birds, fig wasps and acacia ants have in common? It’s the phenomenon of co-evolution, where these organisms are dependent on other organisms for survival and they reciprocally affect the other’s evolution.

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Oct 7

Black holes are the celestial objects with such immense gravity that nothing can escape from them -- not even light!

Einstein's theory of General Relativity tells us that space and time are intertwined. This space-time can be curved and warped by anything that has mass, like the sun or earth. Gravity is not a force that attracts objects like magnetism, but is the result of this curve in space-time.

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