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Black Holes

Mumbai | Sep 14, 2020
Digging the grave: In search of the remains of merging black holes and neutron stars

Snapshot of simulation showing two black holes colliding with each other. [Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons]

Astronomers detect gravitational waves from the merging of neutron stars and black holes, but no electromagnetic waves.

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Bengaluru | May 15, 2020
Black hole shadows could throw light on dark matter

Researchers investigate the effects of dark matter particles on the growth of black hole shadows. 

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May 19, 2017

Scientists from Raman Research Institute (RRI)and Hans Raj College, University of Delhi were monitoring the orbital period of the star MXB - 1658-298, a binary system, when they made an unexpected discovery - A massive planet, around 20-25 times the mass of Jupiter, orbiting the twin stars. They developed a novel technique of looking at the X-ray eclipses as one star passed in front of the other to deduce the presence of the third body and its mass. The star already an interesting candidate for future studies due to its extreme distance and age, has become even more intriguing after the discovery of the circumbinary planet around it.

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