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crop productivity

New Delhi | Mar 21, 2019
Too hot to work? It’s the warming climate to blame and that’s threatening crops too

Researchers from IIT Delhi have found that variations in temperature affect crop production and worker efficiency—two crucial pillars of India’s economy.

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Feb 14, 2017

India's crop yields being affected by 'bad' ozone

Tropospheric ozone is one of the most critical secondary air pollutant that is toxic to plants and causes substantial losses in crop productivity. The continuous rising trend of ozone concentration in India due to the country’s rapid phase of industrialization, pollution and climatic conditions that are conducive for its formation pose a serious threat. Professor S. B. Agrawal and Dr. Aditya Abha Singh present the pattern and prevalence of ground level ozone concentration, its important precursor like oxides of nitrogen and the related crop losses and the magnitude of alterations in the seed quality, which may help the policy makers to check emissions of ozone precursors.

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