The researchers have developed a novel method of using silicon nitride to enhance the efficiency of photonic elements, promising faster, more secure, and energy-efficient technologies for communication and information processing.


8 Nov 2022

An RNA sequence based method to predict the effectiveness of treatment in a TB patient

22 Jun 2022

Researchers study how relative humidity, temperature and dew point temperature are related to spread of tuberculosis infections

18 Jan 2021

Researchers have identified proteins behind bacterial mutation, paving the way for a sustainable treatment to bacterial diseases.

18 Dec 2020

Researchers use a cocktail of bacteriophages to fight drug-resistant tuberculosis.

13 May 2020

In a recent study, researchers from Pune, along with their collaborators in Chennai and the USA, have assessed the functioning of lungs after successful tuberculosis (TB) treatment. The study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, has shown the occurrence of lung defects and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease after tuberculosis treatment. 

New Delhi
4 Aug 2020

Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells found to favour the survival of tuberculosis bacteria, instead of fighting it, shows a recent study.


29 Jan 2019

Tuberculosis, caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, is a leading cause of death worldwide. In 2017 alone, 10 million people across the globe were affected by the disease, and about 1.6 million succumbed to it.

5 Feb 2020

Researchers find familial dissimilarities in proteins from two species of Mycobacterium.