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Mumbai | Oct 20, 2020
Monitoring countrywide levels of air pollution

Researchers propose a novel approach to setting up regionally representative air quality monitoring sites.

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Bengaluru | Oct 19, 2020
Researchers discover three new species of damselflies in the Western Ghats

(a) Shola reedtail (Protosticta sholai) [Image credits: K. A. Subramanian]; (b) blue-legged reedtail (Protosticta cyanofemora) [Image credits: Shantanu Joshi]; (c) Myristica reedtail (Protosticta myristicaensis) [Image credits: Shantanu Joshi]

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Bengaluru | Oct 16, 2020
Disentangling India’s mental health distress – All elephant and no more room

In a series of articles, Research Matters tries to shed some insights into India’s mental health concern, its different aspects, including the lack of awareness about mental health in general — through the lens of science.

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New Delhi | Oct 12, 2020
In preparation of post-COVID India, here’s who are most vulnerable

Study calculates vulnerability indices of districts in India for future planning.

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Mumbai | Oct 9, 2020
How do Indian farmers adapt to climate change amid socio-economic hurdles?

Scientists survey rural areas of Maharashtra for the most suitable agricultural strategies in the face of climate change

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Hyderabad | Oct 8, 2020
With a variety in venoms, can one anti-venom be a panacea for all snakebites?

Differences in the composition of Saw-scaled viper venoms from three regions questions the use of a single antivenom 

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Mumbai | Oct 7, 2020
Observing crystals that flow

Researchers show strange patterns in the flow of soft polycrystals

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Kolkata | Oct 3, 2020
Novel design of magnetic channels may cut down costs of transferring electronic signals

Researchers devise a new technique to speed up processing electronic signals at significantly lower costs.

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Bengaluru | Oct 2, 2020
Liquids behave differently on curved surfaces than flat ones

Scientists study evolution of liquids on spherical surfaces and their properties.

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Bengaluru | Oct 1, 2020
Decolonising climate change: The developed world is responsible for our planet’s climate crisis

A new study puts the focus of the conversation on Climate Change on Climate Justice.

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